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Маска GI Sleek with headshield (Прочитано 29 раз)
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Маска GI Sleek with headshield
10. Август 2018 :: 14:20
Маска GI Sleek with headshield



Данная пейнтбольная маска обладает превосходной четкой линзой и защитой. Запотентованная система быстрой смены линзы. Максимальная защита лица и прочная конструкция рамы. Сверхлегкая для неограниченного движения. Контурная пейнтбольная маска для более тесного контакта с маркером во время прицеливания.


GI Milsim Sleek Paintball Mask
-Optical Superiority
-Unparalleled superior clarity and protection
-GI Vision's HIO (High Impact Optics) are clearer, sharper and unrivaled in Impact Protection. Made from the purest lens material on the planet you can customize your vision needs with different lenses each featuring Distortion-Free Vision, 100% UV filtering, Hydrophobic, Anti--Scratch and Anti-Fog Coatings.
-Aero Dynamic and visually appealing without ever compromising protection.
-GI Vision's new SLEEK Field mask, has raised the bar on what field protection should be. Maximum face protection, solid frame construction, and optional full head protection
-Patented easy-change LBS (Lens Binding System)
-Patented Rapid-Change Spherical lens, for super fast interchangeability during time outs/
-Field level paintball goggle system, ideal for walk-ons, field rentals and any player seeking full head protection
-Rapid Change Anti-slip silicone strap
-Hypo-Allergenic closed cell foam system, for comfort and fit
-Hydrophobic coating sheds water and liquids very easily, they just roll right off!
-Adapt to any light condition with optional lenses available in different tinted coatings
-Increased scratch resistance for durability of mirror coating
-Contoured for closer marker sighting
-MicroVent design for improved protection and breathabiity
-Ultra lightweight design for unrestricted movement
-Free-flow venting
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